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Expert Locksmith Services for Kia Vehicle Owners, Offering a range of services including lockout assistance, car key replacement, and ignition switch repair to ensure Kia owners can confidently resume their journeys.


Our Services :

  • Lost the Keys to Your Kia
  • Kia Keys Replacement
  • Damaged Car Keys / Broken Keys
  • Kia Door Lock Repair
  • Ignition Won’t Turn Over in my Kia
  • Keys to Your Vehicle are Stolen
  • Keys have Snapped in the Door / Ignition Lock
  • Keys Stuck in the Ignition

Kia vehicles covered:

  • Cadenza
  • Forte
  • K900
  • Optima
  • Rio
  • Sedona
  • Sorento
  • Soul
  • Sportage
Recent reports have highlighted a concerning trend of ignition thefts in Kia and Hyundai vehicles. Criminals have been targeting these vehicles due to their popularity, leaving many owners vulnerable to theft and unauthorized access. Ignition theft poses a significant risk not only to the security of your vehicle but also to your personal safety.
we can replace ignition and door locks on all of the Kia Models.

Kia Ignition Replacement
and Ignition Lock Repair

We can repair/replace broken ignition switches on all Kia models

A malfunctioning ignition switch can cause inconvenience and frustration. Expert locksmiths with Kia expertise can diagnose and repair ignition switch problems effectively. Whether the issue arises from a faulty Chip-key, a worn-out ignition cylinder, or a damaged key, these professionals can restore your Kia’s ignition system to optimal performance.

kia door lock replacement

Kia Door Lock Repair or Replacement

We can replace broken ignitions and door locks on all Kia models

If you’re facing problems with the door lock on your Kia, trust Expert Locksmiths to provide reliable door lock repair services. Our skilled professionals have the expertise to diagnose and fix any issues with your Kia’s door locks, ensuring they operate smoothly and securely. Contact us today for professional assistance in repairing your Kia door locks.

The ignition Switch won’t turn Issues: Some Kia models may experience ignition switch problems, such as the key is not turning smoothly, difficulty starting the car, or the key getting stuck. Over time, the ignition switch in many Kia models may become worn or damaged, leading to difficulty starting the vehicle or the key getting stuck in the ignition. Expert locksmiths can address these issues by repairing or replacing the faulty ignition switch, and get you back on the road with same-day service

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